My story

Leah Dilley Real Estate Agent in Collingwood


It’s been 22 years of owning businesses and investing in real estate that lead me to being a Collingwood real estate agent! I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by. I guess when you’re doing the things you love time passes! Here’s a little timeline of what I’ve accomplished along the way!

  • 1999


    I started my first business in 1999 and within a couple of years I bought my first home!! Homeownership at the age of 23 was the highlight of my 20’s!

  • 2004


    In 2004 I expanded my business with a team of professionals to create a community environment for my clients. Working with people and helping clients live their best lives with optimal health was my passion. Running a business at a young age equipped me with many skill sets.

  • 2013


    I started a family!  Evan and  Cadence who are now 15 and 12 years old. Wow does time ever fly by!  

  • 2016


    This was the year  I sold my business and decided to make a big move. I was looking for a lifestyle change in an area where we could enjoy the great outdoors. We couldn’t have picked a better place with Collingwood’s vast mountain bike/ hiking trails, access to the water, and  let’s not forget the skiing!! We have thrived up here enjoying the great outdoors and everything Collingwood has to offer.

  • 2016


    Along with my thriving practice, I launched a children’s book called What’s Your Spaghetti? A children’s guide to self-regulation. This book was part of a bigger workshop series where I worked with schools throughout Peel and Simcoe. It has been well received and more than 1000’s copies have been sold! Today the kids know me as the spaghetti lady!!!

  • 2020

    Real Estate

    2020 Covid hit and I decided to finally dive into my other passion. It’s been a time where my love of houses, business, and helping those create their best lives have all come together. Making a move can be scary but with my understanding of the market and ability to ease those fears, making a move can be invigorating. Whether you’re looking to downsize, retire or simply make that lifestyle change I am here to make your transition smooth and positive!

    Here I am at Re/Max Four Seasons Realty in Collingwood, Ontario!!