Rental Bylaws

Rental Bylaws

When it comes to renting out property in the Collingwood and The Blue Mountains there are by-laws that are important to know and understand.  Specific areas in the Blue Mountain are granted licences for STA or short term rental agreements.  In order to rent out your property for shorter then 30 days you will need this license.   There is an application process that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a license will be granted.

Click here for more information about licensing in the Blue Mountain area.

Click here for a short term accommodation zones map.

Many investors will rent out their properties for the season 30+ days during the winter months.  Seasonal rentals range in price depending on size and the location of the property.  Renting out seasonally is a great way to generate income. A real estate agent can help with this process.

Collingwood also has by-laws around Air B & B’s and short term rentals.  Although not as strict as the Blue Mountains it is important to be familiar with the by laws.

Click here for Collingwood bylaws.

Be sure to do your research and never hesitate to talk to your real estate agent for information!