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Leah Dilley Real Estate Agent in Collingwood


Wow, can you believe it's been 22 years since I embarked on my journey of owning businesses and investing in real estate? Time truly flies when you're doing what you love! Becoming a real estate agent in Collingwood feelt like the natural next step in my career, and I couldn't be more excited about it. Let me take you on a little journey through the timeline of my accomplishments along the way.

  • 1999


    real estate investmentBack in 1999, I took the leap and started my first business. It was an exciting time filled with challenges and growth. Fast forward a couple of years, and I found myself achieving a milestone that truly defined my 20s - becoming a homeowner at the age of 23! Owning my first home brought an incredible sense of pride and accomplishment. It was a significant moment that set the stage for my lifelong journey in real estate.

  • 2004


    In 2004, I took a big step forward and expanded my business by building a team of dedicated professionals. Together, we aimed to create a supportive community environment for our clients. Working closely with people and assisting them in living their best lives with optimal health became my ultimate passion. Running a business at a young age was a tremendous learning experience that equipped me with a wide range of valuable skill sets.

  • 2006


    Fast forward to 2006, and another exciting chapter began in my life - I started a family! Welcoming my children, Evan and Cadence, into the world has been the most rewarding experience. Now, at 17 and 14 years old respectively, they continue to fill my life with joy and adventure. Time really flies when you're having fun!

  • 2012


    In 2012, I made a pivotal decision to sell my business and embark on a new adventure. Seeking a change in lifestyle and longing for an environment where outdoor activities abound, my family and I set our sights on finding the perfect location. It didn't take long for us to realize that Collingwood was the ideal destination for us. With its expansive mountain bike and hiking trails, easy access to the water, and incredible skiing opportunities, Collingwood offered everything we were looking for. Since making the move, we've thrived in this vibrant community, embracing the great outdoors and immersing ourselves in all that Collingwood has to offer.

  • 2014


    During my thriving practice, I had the exciting opportunity to launch a children’s book titled "What’s Your Spaghetti? A children’s guide to self-regulation." This book was just one part of a larger workshop series where I collaborated with schools across Peel and Simcoe. The response to the book has been incredible, with over thousands of copies sold! Today, I'm affectionately known as the "spaghetti lady" by the kids who have embraced the valuable lessons shared in the book.

  • 2020


    becoming a real estate agent in Collingwood

    When Covid hit, I saw it as an opportunity to finally pursue my other passion. It's been a time where my love for houses, business, and helping others create their best lives have all converged. Making a move can indeed be daunting, but with my deep understanding of the market and knack for easing fears, it can also be incredibly invigorating. Whether you're looking to downsize, retire, or simply make a lifestyle change, I'm here to ensure your transition is smooth and positive!

  • 2021-2024


    local real estate agent in CollingwoodAnd now, you will find me here located at 67 First St, Collingwood Becoming a real estate agent in Collingwood ON has been an amazing experience.  I am ready to bring my expertise and enthusiasm to your real estate journey!  🏡

Leah's Continued Community Involvement